About Nassar Khalil and Associates Hotel Consultancy Services

Your business’s success is our motivation

Our approach is fuelled by our collective passion for the industry. Having being on the other side of the fence, we have experienced firsthand hospitality consulting at its finest and at its worst. All of our experts have walked their way up the hospitality ladder. Not only have we managed hotels for the independent hotel owner, we have also operated major flagship property clusters for some of the finest corporate hotel groups in the world.

Nassar Khalil and Associates Hotel and Hospitality Consulting provide an alternative perspective to standard business consulting. We do not use pre-determined consulting templates nor do we offer one fits all solutions. The consultancy service offered is bespoke to the client’s individual needs as each business has its own particular challenges and environment in which it operates.

Many Consultants operate using pre-determined templates treating your business as any other, writing extensive and expensive reviews and reports which commonly indicate the usual set of general recommendations without setting out measurable solutions and then they move on leaving the client to his or her devices.

Our modus operandi is exclusive in many ways – We would not only conduct a thorough no obligation / no committal review of the business, our solution and result driven strategy would involve an end to end hands-on approach ensuring that we work with you and your leadership team to implement the changes and protocols required to deliver all of the goals set out in any of our strategic bespoke plans.

Furthermore, all our business plans come with key Performance Indicators and value driven milestone guarantees -The only Independent Hotel and Hospitality consultancy to offer our clients deliverable guarantees.

By securing the services of NK and Associates, we promise to provide your business with the best possible prospects.

So please take your time to review our services and be assured that if you choose Nassar Khalil and Associates to work with you, we will not only work to secure the long term financial future of your business, we will work with you and your team to deploy tried and tested trade techniques and management measures that would deliver sustained growth and a much higher return on your investment.

Our clients are fully protected – Our work is covered by a £10 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy